Basicnoise – Phenomena

Phenomena by Basicnoise, the 39th full-length on Greyscale, is a mesmerizing exploration of the natural wonders that inspire us. The album is a deep dive into the mysteries of meteor streams and starling murmurations, translating these awe-inspiring phenomena into evocative soundscapes. The feeling of movement and flight are captured perfectly thru different variations of generators. Basicnoise employs a blend of vintage techno sounds and current dub techno elements, occasionally delving into deeper Detroit techno with impressive results. The album balances his talent with the technical prowess into a deep emotional resonance, creating tracks that are both innovative and deeply moving.

To touch on a few of the impressive tracks, ‘Midnight Dub’ for example, is a chord-driven masterpiece that rises and swells organically, balancing the line between dark and light. The hypnotic progression of the chords creates a compelling listen. In an homage to deep Detroit techno, ‘Sakura Season’ features a beautiful melody and an up-tempo pace. It echoes the ultra-smooth, futuristic spirit of the ’90s, reminiscent of artists like Stasis, As One, and Future Beat Alliance. ‘Reduxtion II’ is a heavy chord banger with clean production throughout. This track boasts crisp high frequencies and reverberating low frequencies. It’s a powerful and energetic addition to the album. Also, we have the breathtaking ‘Quadrantids’. Here, the melody soars continuously, evoking a sense of spiritual high emotion. It’s an “eyes shut” track that takes listeners on an emotional journey. ‘The Starling Murmuration’ is another poignant techno mood piece. This track features a spacey trip through the cosmos with a bubbling bassline, deep groove, and an underlying acid line. It’s a tech workout with a captivating, otherworldly feel. Not to be outdone, ‘This Vortal Coil’ has a haunting melody with a wicked deep groove and scintillating chord progression that achieves an abstract yet magical harmony. Lastly, like a romantic goodbye in the sky to a long flight journey of a recurring meteor, ‘Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Break’ concludes with this amazing ambient outro. Lush, airy, and magical, it sounds like a fairytale, providing a serene and satisfying end to the musical journey.

Phenomena will be made available on CD and digital, and 4 selected tracks will also released on vinyl dubplate in limited copies, available ONLY during Pre-Order.  

releases July 24, 2024

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Written and produced by Peter Fanai
Mastering: grad_u
Artwork & Photography: Rima Prusakova
Layout: Artūras Kirslys
Package design: Arthur Nikitin
Write-up: Tim Humphrey
Label: Greyscale
Catalog number: GRSCL39

© all rights reserved

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