Basicnoise – Pattern Explorations

After an EP visit from Germany based artist Basicnoise, it was only a matter of time before he presented Greyscale with a full length. And what a strong album it is too! ‘Pattern Explorations’ is mixture of heavy dub grooves that verge on deep techno. Chords and grooves coexisting in full dub harmony. Pattern Explorations Part 1 pulsates thru the lower frequencies making this an optimum dancefloor workhorse without losing the deepness to get transfixed by. Creatives basslines and structures are explored to their fullest. Patterns are experimented with but never overstep the boundaries of making a proper dub groove like in Part 2. Part 3 clocks in at over 13 minutes making it the second longest foray into deepness. There is a feeling of hope and eternal beauty as the atmosphere blissfully sets in among the surroundings. The patterns aren’t limited to rhythm section as this one is a testament too. Chords share a stratosphere with melody elements in complete grandeur. Part 5 is a bit of a banger as the relentless beat pulls the listener forward in unison. Part VI is particularly exciting adding remnants of an acid line and many other unique spacey bleeps and zaps. Uncharted explorations for the genre of dub techno on this one! Part 7 is just down right sick. Over 14 minutes of an unforgiving and highly addictive dub tech groove makes this a sure-fire dancefloor destroyer. The reprise of part 2 brings the mood down quickly for an otherworldly lullaby. Drifting off after that up-tempo ride makes for a smooth landing as the album winds down. Basicnoise came with it for Greyscale’s 23rd full length album! Pattern Explorations in full effect! 

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releases July 27, 2022

Written and produced by Basicnoise
Mastering: grad_u
Artwork & Photography: Rima Prusakova
Package design: Arthur Nikitin
Write-up: Tim Humphrey
Label: Greyscale
Catalog number: GRSCL23

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