Basicnoise – Symmetry

Basicnoise has been working arduously in the spacetime continuum to hone his programming prowess. An ardent fan of the groove, he treats each expression with a hypnotizing approach while broadcasting every release like a photon laser from the vortex. A secret communication harkened to him recently to revisit home base for a re-entry log into our database.

The foremost title in his first transmission “Symmetry”, is just what it says. This is, perhaps, the origin of genre life and the balance between the techno and house worlds. However, this entry is more about harnessing the balance of body and mind. “Duality” attacks things from a different angle with his trusted background in roots and a definitive dub sound development. Organic and tribal are just the overlay of this creation. The events surrounding “Polarity” are equally exciting. Restructuring the puzzle pieces to fine tune the edit. Like decoding a stripped-down message from interstellar space, he gives us a broken plane of linear motion to challenge our equilibrium. The last broadcast is a bit of an anomaly. BDTom renders his own interpretation of the passage “Duality”. This is an alarmingly darker message compared to the original. The chord structure gives us chills and the overall theme is serious. We will have to clarify with Basicnoise what his attentions were with allowing BDTom into his sound mainframe.


1. Symmetry
2. Duality
3. Polarity
4. Duality (BDTom remix)



release: February 8, 2024

Original music by Basicnoise
Remix by BDTom
Mastering by Pheek
Artwork by Jubilee
Write-up by atroqjournal, Tim Humphrey
Catalog number: SPCLNCH09

© all rights reserved

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