Basicnoise – Datapulse

Greyscale brings you its 25th edition of the Mood Series! Basicnoise is the newest talented artist to debut on the roster. This EP titled ‘Datapulse’ features four exceptionally complex and active dub techno tracks that are sure to impress. ‘Datapulse 1’ starts off with some meticulous audio sculpting. Every sound constantly changing leaving the listener transfixed in wonder. ‘Datapulse 2’ is a tech-lovers dream that has you confidently flying among the clouds. ‘Datapulse 3’ is something special! How the chords evolve into and combine with other sounds is unique to say the least! The intricacy in these dub techno sounds is next level. Lastly, ‘Datapulse 4’ ends the EP on a high with a fast paced storm of melodic goodness. Basicnoise comes out throwing bombs! Do not miss Mood Series.#25!

Released August 19, 2020

Written and produced by Basicnoise
Mastering by grad_u
Artwork by Rima Prusakova
Write-up by Tim Humphrey
Label: Greyscale
Catalog number: GRSCLM025

Get it here: Bandcamp

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