Subset – Pattern Juggler

The alien scenario was unfolding very dynamically, so the daring pilgrims decided to look into one quaint place where you can hide from the universal bustle, take a breath and enjoy the spatial modeling. By the way, it helps to recover after critical overloads through fine motor skills.

Welcome to the heavenly body “Orlan 19”. Once it was assigned an ordinal number, and it got this name because of its ultra-low gravity. Obviously, this “dwarf” became an attraction and just a recreational area for many nomads. Its atmosphere is literally packed with thoughtfully hovering objects of various configurations. A kind of metaphysical equilibrium. Here it is customary to not only enjoy the abundance of entertainment, but also the thoughts about where the consciousness leads us in search of its home.

Deftly juggling patterns, the technologist grabbed an experimental sample labeled RTW1350, which, thanks to its composition and consistency, easily gives the appearance of a basketball.
Catch – the next throw is yours!

Rreleased November 12, 2020

Written and produced by Subset
Remix by Basicnoise
Artwork by Fold Media Collective
Write-up by A C O U S T I C S
Label: Spclnch
Catalog number: SL24

Get it here: Bandcamp

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